Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This is BIGSBY.  He's our new pup.  
And this...
...is his "sister," PENELOPE (Penny, for short.)
Another new pup. ;)  
And this...
is his REAL brother, ELVIS, (who belongs to my friend, Fawn.)

And surprisingly, it's not as chaotic as I thought it would be.  
He and Napoleon are BUDDIES.
And I'm still able to get work done - SURPRISINGLY!  I know-
you think I'm crazy.  You're right.  I'm NUTS!  I like it that way.

Bigsby had a great time at the 2nd LUCKY PEARL BAZAAR.
Here are some snapshots of the goodies at the LPB...

The Cozy Bean was on hand with the YUMMIEST coffee!!! 
And Mr. Christmas took care of other refreshments in the LPB Airstream...

We had a blast with all of our shoppers AND vendors...
Leigh of Barberry & Lace

Jil Cappuccio

The ladies of SPIN VINTAGE

Nicole of Marmalade
Lexis of Lexisworks

Natalie of Vagabond
Ellen of Helliemae's Salt Caramels

Kris of Decade
Anne and Ellen

Anne of Small Things You Find
Happy F and S customer, Eileen
Pink of Green Jeans

Jil of Jil Cappuccio and Kirsten of Pearl Clothing

Geri of La Samara Studios
Vicki and Allison of Cali & Mo
Bigsby and Natalie
The wonderful ladies of SooperTramp
Kate of Kate Mcphee

Anne and me

Ivy of Girl with the Curl

Our neighbor, Riley

Ellen and Bigsby - newly found friends!!!

What a fun day!  Thank you to everyone who came!
If you missed it, you'll have to come to the next one on July 17!

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