Monday, June 20, 2011

Big things to share!

A while back, I told you about a special project I had worked on.
I have been waiting all this time to share it with you - and now is the time since
TOMORROW... friend, Natalie Walker will be releasing her new album, SPARK.

Back in February, I came up with a possible concept for her album cover, and after some small preparation, we had a photo shoot where the vision for the "SPARK" cover came to life.
We created a FRINGE wall out of aluminum foil...

It looked fantastic!  
Wolfman thought so, too. :)

We used a strobe, a flash, and other light sources.  We even made some confetti out of foil. (Scott's idea :)  Nat's husband, Kevin was the photographer.  He did an AMAZING job.  Natalie looked stunning.  We got tons of great shots.  Here are just a few. 

This was the shot for the cover... question.  

I was so proud to be part of this amazing project.  Not to mention, Natalie's new album is incredible.
You can buy it on itunes, TOMORROW!

Thank you for letting me share.

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