Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christmas in February

Yesterday, I spent a lovely morning with my dear friend, Jenna.
We've both been so busy, we haven't had time to exchange our Christmas gifts.

She made me the most beautiful gift which I will share with you very soon.
We have a tradition - Every year, we go to the Market in Larimer Square for breakfast.  Then we take in the shops.

It was a beeeeaaaautiful day outside!

What a fun morning, Slug! It was so lovely to hang out with you and your cute little baby bump...

Over the weekend, we attended a 
2012 Oscar Pajama Party 
with some of our closest friends...

Our classy hosts, Mark and George hosted quite the soiree...
Notice - George Clooney was there, too. ;)

Here's Jef looking splendid in his new H & M pjs!

 Kimmy is looking stunning in her light grey sweatshirt! :)

Mister Christmas was so dapper in his Lucky T and newsboy hat...

But, I think Mark won the award for best dressed in his pj pants, vest, and bow tie.  So handsome!

We shared some bubbly and lots of yummy treats.

What a delightfully FaNcY Ocsar night!!!

So... I must address my lack of blogposts lately.
As you know, life has been a little rough over the last year.  I have been in a bit of a "FUNK" and I always said I would not use this blog as a platform to complain or feel sorry for myself.

The GOOD NEWS is - I'm out of this little funk and I'm ready to go.  There are lots of EXCITING things on the horizon.

A new business venture!
The Sugar Plum Bazaar!
New babies - for 2 of my BFF's!
BASEBALL season!

I have lots to look forward to and LOTS to be thankful for!
Thank you for sticking with me. Luuuuuuuhvz to you all!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A lovely party...

Yesterday, we hosted a baby shower for one of my favorite people in the world... dear friend, Natalie :)

Our friend, Sarah offered to host the shower in her beautiful home,
It was our first time hosting a baby shower.
We spent the the weekend setting up to make Natalie's shower as lovely and delightful as we could.

We had quite a delicious spread...

We had such lovely guests...

And I think Natalie had a stupendous time!

I think everyone had some fun...

I can't wait to meet Natalie's little dude. He's coming VERY SOON!

Until then, life at Sarah's is back to normal...

Well, Sarah - I think we pulled it off like pros. Thanks so much for letting us invade your home for such a lovely occasion!

Natalie - love you, dude.  Couldn't be more excited for you!

Thank you for letting me share such a special day with you all!
It was one of my favorite days EVER!


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