Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good to see you, again.

I'm back! 

Baseball is over. The shop is open. Summer is in full swing.

I am renewed, rested, and ready to inspire and be inspired. 

Here's a peek at our summer so far, thru the INSTAGRAM lens of my iPhone... 

1. A beautiful gift for our shop from WhImSy LoU
2. Releasing balloons to honor Bret and other lost loved ones
3. Evan enjoying DQ after pitching in his FIRST baseball game
4. A quiet, relaxing trip to see our family in Las Vegas
5. Our new sign at the shop - yes, our shop is called CLEVER
6. Hanging out with the cutest boy. Eno keeps me smiling.
7. Playtime in the laundry room for Rodrigo and Napoleon
8. All lit up for the Summer Block Party in downtown Littleton
9. Sunday fun at the Exotic Car Show
10. Jimmy's broken arm - never try to balance on a soccer ball.
11. Pretty pony at an art opening
12. YSL exhibit at the Denver Art Museum - so INSPIRING

Stay tuned for lots of updates on our new shop, Fern and Sprout, summer fun, Mister Christmas, new projects,
and lots more.

It is so good to see you again.

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