Monday, February 15, 2010

How was your weekend?

Napoleon and me are tired. My weekend was virtually sleepless. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a very sweet Valentine's day. After a much needed good night's sleep, I thought I might tell you the goings on of my weekend.

Friday - GIRLS' NIGHT at Kimmi's house!!! Haven't had one of these in a long time. It was beyond fun! Eating, Drinking, Talking, and of course, Dancing!!! Had fun with some old friends, and made some new ones...til 3 in the am. Good times! Kimmi is one of my dearest, funniest, most stylin'-est friends. (Yep, I made a new word.) She is also the hostess with the mostest. When she hosts a party, she goes ALL out!!

I had to include some photos of Kim and Jef's pad. So freakin' stylin'. (Hence the word "stylin'est"...)

Thank you for everything, Kimmi!

Saturday - Met up with Rachel (wearing her new piece from F and S,) and her friend Sesil at the Pink Attic Cat. She brought us some goodies. Sesil is wearing one of the handmade hearts we received from Rachel. Isn't it just ADORABLE?!?

Saturday night- St. Vincent at the Bluebird - Three words: A...MA...ZING!!!!

Annie looked STUNNING in a bloodred minidress and tights.

The band ROCKED on my favorite song: Marrow. Download it.

Sunday - Valentine's Day...some housework and prezzies. Here's what I got...

...some antique Valentines, some antique french plays, and a metal cornershelf guessed it...the Pink Attic Cat.

And here's what I gave...

...antique letters from the Pink Attic Cat. So cute.

Have a wonderful Monday! Happy Presidents Day to you all!

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