Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feeling Triumphant!

This is Christy - one of the organizers of the French Nest Market in Fort Collins.  This photo does not show how completely ADORABLE she looked in her new flower garden by Fern and Sprout.  It was the icing on the cake for how cute her entire outfit was.  Thanks for the fun today, Christy and Laura!!! 
We had such a FANTASTIC day at the market!  I think I sold EVERY single piece I made yesterday, while I was working from home!  So exciting!  
Although it was FREEZING, we still had a great turnout!!!!!!  I am pleased as pie!!!!  I mean REALLY pleased.  In fact, it was the best market I've done all summer.  Yay!  Who knew this crazy fall weather would make everyone start their holiday shopping?    
After the market, we took our hungry appetites to Big Al's.

I had a YUMMY Chicago Dog.  So delicious and the presentation was amazing.
(This picture does not do it justice.)  
(What is up with my photos, today?)

The food is naughty, but you can feel great about eating at a restaurant that COMPOSTS almost EVERYTHING they use!  It's about time we start composting in Denver, yo!  
Look into it!
After piggin' out on some naughty food, we went hat shopping...

We ended up NOT going with this one.  :)
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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