Monday, December 13, 2010

Phew! I made it thru...

Firefly Handmade ended on Sunday at 3pm.
My last show of the season.
Some much needed rest is coming my way.

After selling out of most of my merchandise last weekend, at Holiday Handmade,
I never could have made it thru the week without my GIRLS!!!!
Natalie and Darci...
Thanks for roughing it by my spaceheater, in my freezing cold studio.
$21 at Taco Bell, and some really GOOD conversation helped me through the day.
Thank you for helping me get so much done!

And...the next day Darci and Slug helped me "bust" out some flower gardens.
More FANTASTIC conversation.
At that point, I was going on very LITTLE sleep.
Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, ladies.

I also have to thank Scott - 
What would I do without your love, support, and passion?
Fern and Sprout would not be thriving if I didn't have you.

Does this sound like an Oscar speech?
Sorry. :)
I'm so grateful.

Thank you, Firefly!!!!  What a weekend!
Boulder treated us WELL!
Thank you, Rachel, my sweet friend!  We rocked it on Friday night!
Both of my helpers were FABULOUS!!

Here's a few pieces that sold over the weekend...
We had such a blast!!!  I can't believe it's over.
Thank you to EVERYONE who helped with the event,
And thank you to Ali, Kristen, and Denise - for organizing such a SUPERFLY market!!!!
And, of course, thank you to all of the lovely shoppers!
You all look DELIGHTFUL in your new goodies!

And now...'s time to get ready for Christmas!!

Some holiday decor pics are coming soon!


  1. I need to send you a pic with my 5yo Mia wearing one of your headbands. I don't think she's taken if off since we got it on Sunday! Thank you so much for all your patience while she was trying to decide what to get and for the beautiful things you make!

  2. Someone at Firefly told me my Fern & Sprout headband was "instant fancy"...and I totally agree!! Just what I needed too, help being fancy when I normally look like a bag lady! :-)
    Thanks Mandy and Scott for being with us last weekend, you made it SO FUN (and SUPERFLY!)



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