Saturday, April 30, 2011

2 Big Deals!

 Last night we stepped out to support our HANDMADE friends!
First, we stopped by the GRAND OPENING of the new Fast Geek Boutique location, at 11th and Cherokee.  It's soooooo cute, and there are so many lovely goodies and fantastic pieces of art to choose from, all made by Tina and Vinny.  You must stop by.

 I still owe you pictures from our fashion show, together.  They are coming soon - promise.

My friend, Anna, gettin' fresh with the LOVELY mannequin.

Then...we headed up to the Indie Wearable event at 1754 Humboldt.

Pearl Clothing, Jil Cappuccio, Darling Ruth, Vital, Becky's Buttons and Things, Swear Jar, and others.  We had a BLAST.
And we found the next BIG idea - from Jil Cappuccio...
...the HANDI SACK!!!
It starts as a small, zipped case (similar to a wallet,)
 and in just a few easy steps, it becomes...
 ...a HANDI SACK!!
AMAZING!!  Jil-you are a BADASS.  Seriously.

It feels so great to support other local handmade artisans.
You ALL ROCK!!!!

Check out INDIE WEARABLE running for ONE MORE DAY!
Sunday, from 10-3✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

Now, off to work on the LPB and TONS o' goodies for the Horseshoe Market.  The picture above is a small preview of some vintage items I will be using for the "Horseshoe Collection."

Have a stupendous Sunday!

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