Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craziest weekend, yet...

The weather was not as warm as I had hoped.  In fact, it was downright FREEZING!!!!
Luckily, we had a FANTASTIC turnout of 
vendors and shoppers for the kick-off of the very first
Helliemae's Salt Caramels 
rocked the house with her salt caramels, cupcakes, and my personal fav-BANANA PUDDING.  

Anne Franklin Designs 
was in the house with her cute, colorful little goodies.
I have my very own HORSESHOE necklace from her, and hope to have more AFD very soon!

Vicki and Allison of 
Cali and Mo 
put together the most scrumptious booth!  I wanted to live in that tent with all of their fantastic french antiques and beautiful treasures.

Kate McPhee 
brought her INSPIRING artwork, bags, jewelry, and clothing, along with her sweet, precious daughter...
Here she is wrapped in a few blankets from 

Anne, of STYF brought these sweet little hairclips, her famous shrinky-dink earrings, some beautiful scarves, and blankies and burpies for the bebes.
Geri of La Samara Studios 
brought her dazzling - love that word - jewelry made from antique findings, gemstones, and intricate wire wrapping.  

Linda, of Tulip's Balm and Diane of Blue Dye (2 of the the 3 Musketeers:) shared a booth.
Linda had lots of her sweet little delicate necklaces, along with her yummy lip balm and body balm.
And as usual, Diane had an inspiring array of colorful, hand-felted bags, bracelets, necklaces, and other goodies.
Ivy, of 
Girl with the Curl 
had tons of NEW pieces, including beautiful rings, and stunning headbands; not to mention her awesome family - who are always there to help her out.
Mimi looks stunning.
Coco looks FABULOUS.  
Nicole from 
Marmalade Creations 
brought her signature felt hairclips (check out the bacon and eggs, below,) and she also brought some of her new plushie friends - all appropriately named.
How could I choose just one?
Natalie, of 
was there with brand-spankin'-new earrings made from beautiful leather and vintage beads.  She also had her feather hairclips.  You'll be seeing both at stores near you, very soon.
It wasn't too cold for Natalie and Anne to clown around in sombreros by 
"Dudes and Stuff."
More goodies from "Dudes and Stuff..."

...and as an extra bonus treat...
Mr. Christmas 
served coffee and cinnamon rolls to all of our chilly vendors and shoppers out of the AIRSTREAM trailer.

After the first LPB, we headed to the Grant Humphreys Mansion for the CRAFTY BALLYHOO.

As part of CREATE DENVER week, Fern and Sprout had a booth at the Crafty Ballyhoo/Sprout event.
My sweet, amazing, inspiring, patient, and understanding friend, Rachel 
ran my booth while I was at the LPB...
(and helped me get ready for EVERYTHING the entire weekend.)
(Thank you so much, Rachel!  I owe you the MOON!! XO)

Here are a couple o' shots of the Ballyhoo...

Whoa.  A lot happened last weekend.  I am SPENT!
No rest for the weary...
is this Saturday, in Fort Collins.

Stay tuned for a preview of the French Nest Collection by Fern and Sprout...


  1. OMG! I am going to vend at the French Nest, too! Yay! I'm glad I'll have a friend there.

  2. Can't wait to see you, this Sat! Happy soap-selling!



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