Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So sorry for not posting enough, lately.
I am busy, busy, busy at work getting ready for 
As you can see, Mister Christmas is getting ready, too.

I have lots of goodies to show you!
Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The best birthday, EVER...

It all began with a SURPRISE pedicure...

Thank you, Natalie!!

As we drove to lunch, I saw the most crazy and BEAUTIFUL cloud in the sky... BIRTHDAY CLOUD!!

Off to lunch with three of my dearest friends at
Le Grand Bistro!

I had a delicious French Mojito made by Hans...
...and lots of giggles with my girls.

The occasion most certainly called for my top hat.

What a SPLENDID lunch it was.  Thank you, ladies!!

I got the most beautiful handmade cards from my monkeys...

...and another special gift that I wasn't expecting...

I've never gotten anything in a BLUE box before.  :} It was VERY EXCITING.

Off to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Hillstone - with 5 of my favorite people...
Jenna and her new husband, Kevin
and Natalie and her husband, also Kevin.  :)
(The 5th favorite person being the one who gave me the "BLUE" box. :)

Oh...that Thai Steak Noodle Salad.
And that cole slaw.
And that Hot Fudge Sundae.
I know they all sound ordinary, but not at this restaurant.

 There were more beautiful gifts to come...
...and surprises, too!

We said our goodbyes at dinner, to (supposedly) go separate ways.
It was off to the Cruise Room with Mister Christmas...
...apparently to meet my friend, Kimmy for a drink.
However, when we showed up, EVERYONE was there!

 This has to be the most BEAUTIFUL bar in Denver.

 More LOVELY gifts...

We started to wind down, and everyone said they were going home, but I was ready for more fun!

My sneaky Mister Christmas led me to another of our favorite "haunts,"
the Bar Car...
...where EVERYONE surprised me for a SECOND time, 
had my karaoke song waiting for me...

(These are my sweet friend, Anna's cute little legs as she belted out an Amy Winehouse tune.)

I've NEVER had such a FUN birthday.
I've never felt so LOVED.

And, TODAY is my oldest monkey's BIRTHDAY!!!!
We celebrated with some DONUTS, this morning...

I've got some surprises up my sleeve for him, today.
Have a magnificent Tuesday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

So, today is my birthday.
I'm not saying how old I am but I'll give you some hints. :)

This birthday is very somber and reflective.
It's also very bittersweet.
I'm at the age where I look back on the life I've had.
I also look at where I am right now, and where I'm headed.

As I look back, I think of all the major life events that took place in the last decade...

my monkeys were born.
both my grandparents died.
I split up from my husband, Bret.
I met Mister Christmas.
I started and grew a successful business.
I moved several times.
I lost two of my best friends.
I gained several AMAZING friends.
I met Natalie.
I discovered blogging.
Bret died.

And now, here I am...
taking life day-by-day.
Life is much harder than it was before, yet it's also a lot easier.
I don't worry about the small things anymore.
But, I also spend more time worrying about the bigger things.

At this very moment, the future is UNCLEAR.
I never would have pictured myself where I am right now.
That's okay.  We never end up where we think we will...
Do we?

So...I am preparing for what's to come on this journey through life.
Although, nothing can ever REALLY prepare me for what's to come.
The future is the future, and it's always a mystery.

I am really hopeful about what's to come in the next ten years of my life.
I know their will be more milestones.  
There will be more disappointments.  
More triumphs, and more heartbreak.  

I face the mystery of the future knowing that I am stronger and I am surrounded by the people I love, and who truly love me.

Happy birthday to me. :)


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