Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love is in the air...

Say "hello" to one of my dearest friends, 
Jenna and her fiancé, Kevin.
These two LOVEBIRDS are getting married on Friday.

I am so DEEEEELIGHTED for them!  I can hardly wait!
She is going to be a BEEEEEAAAUUUUTIFUL bride!
(This is her looking cute in her tiara at her bachelorette party.)

Those who know me will tell you that I'm not exactly a gourmet chef.  In fact, I sometimes have difficulty finding my way around in the kitchen.

But today, I spent the entire day in an incredible kitchen, helping make delicious goodies for their wedding reception.
I helped prep the "SALTED CARAMEL APPLES." (Stay tuned for the recipe.  I will post it soon.)
There were several of us so we all worked on different projects...Here's a few shots of the other food prep...

(I prepared the tomatoes, onions, garlic, thyme, and olive oil for the roasted tomato soup, another recipe I hope to share very soon.)
YUMMY.  I can't wait to eat them.  The salted caramel was RIDICULOUS.

As I mentioned, we prepared all of the food in an AMAZING kitchen, in and AMAZING house which belongs to one of Kevin's close friends.  Here's a few shots of the house and the kitchen...

...and this is JUNEBUG. 
 She was such a good girl, today.

We had so much fun today.  Even with all of my "kitchen anxiety," I ended up REALLY enjoying the day.  I am so glad I could help my sweet friend get ready for her special day...
...and when I see the wedding guests sinking their teeth into their salted caramel apples, I will be proud on the inside knowing that I helped create those YUMMY treats.  
Happy Wednesday!!

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