Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Monday to you...

What an ACTION-PACKED weekend it was!

It started with an impromptu trip to our special place: 
Manitou Springs

We went down there to support our friends who have been dealing with the Waldo Canyon Fire. They have all been facing the fire danger, evacuations, and lack of tourists - which is how most Manitou businesses make their living. 

We had a nice, peaceful morning eating crepes, shopping, and visiting some old friends.

 There's so much history in Manitou, and so much to see and do...

We were able to see the Waldo Canyon Fire burning
on the way back to Denver...

If you zoom in on this photo, you can actually see the FLAMES.  Very freaky.

We love you, Manitou Springs!  
And to all the residents of Colorado Springs who have lost your homes, or been evacuated...we are praying for you.

On Saturday night, we enjoyed "his" and "hers" frappucinos to get us through a long night of CRAFTING!!!

I spent the evening finishing the cute little decorations I have been working on...

And Mister Christmas and I worked on a new collaboration for  CLEVER...
I think they are pretty cute! And very "summerie."

SUNDAY, I helped host a baby shower (yes, another baby shower) for my dear friend, Jenna...
 I'll post about that, tomorrow.
I hope you all have a DELIGHTFUL week.
Stay cool and safe.

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