Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is it Thursday, yet?

Had a ponderous day today. Is that a word? Today was a very rare occasion. Both the kids were out of the house at a playdate. Oh what joy! So I spent most of the morning working. Gotta make this Vital Industries thing happen. Gotta make it happen!
Then I took a bit of a lunch break to hang out with my dear friend, Slug. We had lunch at the Bump and Grind. Yummy! And such colorful surroundings! It's sure to make you happy! There are even Barbies hanging on the walls!Lunch was DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS! I almost ordered the "Jack Off Special," but decided on "the Devil Made Me Do It." Then we headed down to 15th and Platte for some tea and a photo session. I just love a friend that will kook around with me and let me photograph her!
Slug and I always have fun and laugh a lot when we are together. But there are a few things I really love about her! First of all, she really helps me to appreciate and find inspiration everywhere we go. She loves Denver, and makes me appreciate it, too. Next, she inspires me to be a better and more patient mother. She is such an amazing, patient, and loving mommy. Also, she is just beautiful!!!! Check out these pics I took of FRIEND SLUG, today:

Such a delightful day full of love, laughter, and inspiration. Thanks, Slugimus!
After 37 years, this city is starting to grow on me.
My kids are going with my mommee tomorrow for their long awaited vacation to Estes Park. They can't wait! I can't wait! I know I will miss them. Here's a new playlist I made for my creative time while the kids are gone. I think it's kinda fun. Hope you likey...
1.1901 - Phoenix
2. Blackeyedsusan - Jose James
3. The Forgotten People - Thievery Corporation
4. House of Lies - The Shortwave Set
5. Soft and Wet - Prince
6. Parlez Moi D'Amour - Lucienne Boyer
7. North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem
8. A Little More Love - Olivia Newton John
9. Feeling Right - Guy Monk
10. The Pirate's Gospel - Alela Diane
11. I Don't Have the Time - James Gang
12. Carnies - Martina Topley Bird
13. Leave Me Alone - Michael Jackson
14. Telegram Sam - T Rex
15. Saratoga Drag - Luis Russell
16. Adir Adirim - Balkan Beat Box featuring Victoria Hanna


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