Friday, July 31, 2009

I've Been Busy.

Boy...have I been busy. Haven't we all? Although, I have been feeling as though life is just a bit more hectic than it usually is. Sometimes, it's hard for me to find balance between my kids, my man, my friends, my family, my work with Vital, Fern and Sprout, and all of my household duties. Can I get an Amen?

My sink is calling to me. "Do the dishes you crazy lady!" But I've been too busy. I've got my crafty swagger on, and I have been gettin' down and dirty with my buttons and feathers. I have some new designs that I'm very excited about! I'll be posting them on Etsy this week.

Etsy. Still new to the world of Etsy. I know there are several tricks to keeping the shop fresh - so people can find my work easily. It's so hard for me to keep up with it. If anyone has any HELPFUL HINTS - please send them my way!!! Thank you! Here are the new pieces I've been working on...

Let me know what you think!

Today, I helped Carrie arrange the furniture in her new place which is Oh So Cute!
Today, I snapped some shots of her garden entry and her backyard garden. This place is so perfect for her, it's ridiculous.

Welcome home, Carolina!!!

I liked this view from her bedroom in a kind-of homey and quaint way. I love laundry hanging out to dry.

This is the garden entry. Precious.
There are hundreds of raspberries growing in her back yard. Yum!Izzie. So sweet. Meow.
I had lunch with my cousint and baby Crossen, today.
Oh those sweet widdle fingers.
DATE NIGHT, tonight!!!! On the agenda - hairclips!!! Lots and lots of hairclips!!! How blessed am I to have a man that takes part in my artistic habits?

Cheap dinner, cheap wine, and lots of feathers! Couldn't be more EXCITED!!

Next blog ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
1. New music I love
2. New designs from Fern and Sprout
3. Inspiration!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Good Wednesday to you! So sorry for the delay between posts. Yesterday was just one of those days! I got lost in a dreamland of creativity. I had to spend some time actually "working." (Who wants to do that?) But once I was finished with work, I was OFF the computer and onto better things. The past few days have been a JACKPOT of inspiration. I've just been doin' ma thang.

Here's some pics I'm adding to my "Minis" project. The penguin is my newest addition to my collection of mini delights. He's so adorable, I had to put two shots of him in the mix. Evan helped me with these shots. He gets frustrated because the pictures are blurry when he takes them. We are getting him a tripod soon! (A wonderful suggestion from my friend, Anne. Thank you!)


Please - do tell me what you think of the Minis! I would like to start naming them. Let me know if you have any fun names you'd like to share with me!
We also went to the library, yesterday. The boys each got a GINORMOUS pile of books. This was my pile. The boys are having an art lesson this week! :)

As I was wandering through my creative dreamland, I happened upon these oval pieces of wood. I decided to paint two precious pictures of my pets. (Lots of "p's" in that sentence.) My zoo seems to be my inspiration lately. Hmmm. What does that say about me. I haven't drawn or painted in a while, but I think these turned out pretty cute. I used the wobbly craft eyes which make them really fun. Whadaya think?

Obi. (Jimmy says he's dressed like a little boy.)

Rodrigo (Jimmy says he's dressed like a science teacher.)
Yes...craftin' was my game...and creativity was my name! I also started a few special projects I can't wait to post! I am sooooooooooooo excited about them!
I drove up Deer Creek Canyon to visit my cousin ("cousint") who is in town visiting with her 8 month old dude - Crossen. Of course, I took TONS of pics of him!! Bonus+++++++++ on this particular visit++++++++++++++ I mentioned that Scott had gotten a record player and my aunt brought out 4 HUGE books of records - we are talking "Old Skool" records and said I COULD HAVE THEM ALL!!!! Wha....? Are you kidding me?
Here's some shots of the amazing children's records I did not take. (They were very sentimental to my cousin.) The illustrations were BLOWING MY MIND!!! Beautiful!

"Peter Cottontail" and "Cinderella" were my faveees, for sentimental reasons. Maybe someday she'll want to part with them.

I've include a pic of the most beautiful baby in the world (besides my own :)

baby Crossen - 8 months

More tomorrow, I promise!!! Have a delightful evening!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mimi's Monday Delights...Objects

Well, it's Monday again. Since I work from home, and I've got a LONG week ahead of me, I decided to make this week's delights about small objects in my home. Here are some small objects in our house that make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when I see them. These little objects of delight are truly special to me.
1. A very old photo album filled with black and white photos of my mom and grandparents when they were children.
2. A beautiful vintage handbag my man bought me at a garage sale. What a find!

3. "Sleepy Baby." This was my mom's when she was little. I still have the box for her. So sweet.
4. This beautiful painting by my sweet friend, Faith - given to me for my birthday a few years ago. She is so ahead of her time.

5. My collection of San Francisco coffee cups. Every time I go to visit, I get a new one. Nothing makes me happier in the morning than drinking coffee from one of these.
6. This rooster that my grandmother made.

7. My set of Russian Dolls. They are pink and sparkly. So pretty.

8. This kitty cat that Evan made me for Mother's Day this year.

9. Roses from both my grandparents' funerals.
The pink one is for my Grandmother.
The yellow one is for my Grandad.

10. A collection of rocks handpainted by my monkeys. So much color. Fun!I am sappy and sentimental. There are so many more precious objects in our home - I will save them for another post!
I would love to hear what is special to you! Do you have anything in your home - collections, treasures, pretty things? DO TELL!!!
Have a delightful Monday and a wonderful week!


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