Saturday, February 27, 2010

Much needed

This has been a long week full of long days, late nights, and early mornings. I am so excited to be in a showroom for Denver Market at the Merchandise Mart. But let me tell you - it's been HARD WORK. I'm exhausted. What better way to relax than an extra dirty (filthy) martini from Delite?

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Lots of orders and a great, big show to prepare for, this weekend! So sorry I have neglected you the last couple days. I do have so much to show you, but I have WAY too much to do. I promise to post some photos of new F and S VERY SOON!!

Please forgive me if I don't post until this weekend.

One thing I must say:

Her birthday is tomorrow! Can't wait to celebrate with her and the girls!!

Check in soon!
Have a delightful week!

all images courtesy of ffffound

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Something new...

New feltie delights from Fern and Sprout!! Like the one worn here... Darci - lead singer of the Blackouts. Oh so delightful. They come in all different color combos!! I will show you more very soon. (In case you're wondering who did her tattoo, you can see more of his work here.)

Also new... bangs. Cut them myself, as usual. I'm pretty pleased.

New to my studio, but not necessarily new, is my cotton fabric collection.

I finally got all of it out of the plastic bins and onto my shelves. I sorted all of it into categories: western,

kids, animals, geometric, stripes, dots, floral, Asian, and misc. It's making me very happy.

On Friday, I spent some time with my friend, Rachel. We hung out at my FAVORITE sandwich shop/bakery in Denver - Pajama Baking Company. It just happens to be a block away from my studio. So yummy. If you haven't tried it - YOU MUST. My recommendations?

Tomato soup,

chicken salad sandwich toasted w/ melted swiss cheese,

raspberry and white chocolate scone,

butter pecan ice cream,

this pasta dish, made special for us by the chef - Steve,

pulled pork sandwich,

fresh baked bread,

meatball sub,

agave soda (watermelon)


iced chai (very gingery,)

and pretty much EVERYTHING else. I've never had a bad meal or a bad dessert from Pajama. Check it out!!

We also met with Michael, the owner of Blosm - a local, all natural, flavored whipped cream company.

He treated us to coffee and some pastries so we could taste the yummy goodness he brought with him. These are little cans of HEAVEN.

OMG - yummy in coffee...

...on pastries,

...or just squirted directly into the mouth!

If you are looking for an all natural, tasty treat, head to Whole Foods to pick up your favorite flavor.

Stay tuned for more previews of Feltie Cuffs and more spring delights. Have a delightful weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Look what I need:

Yes, I accepted these as a Valentine gift from my mom. Makes me feel old. Doesn't that make her feel even older? Anyway, I needed them so thank you, MOMMEE!!

There's something I want to talk about. I don't know who's reading this, but for those of you that ARE reading...I just have to say that life can look really beautiful in a blog. It's easy to leave out all the daily grind, or at least make the daily grind look interesting and exciting. When I started this blog, I decided that I would only write about positive things. I began this to inspire and be inspired. With that said, I just want you to know that I have been facing some tough times, and life is not always a party or a shopping day or relaxing day for me. I try to keep it positive, and I try to keep the inspiration flowin'. You only get to see the good stuff.

This move has been a very difficult transition. I have had a very hard time adjusting to life in the new place. Since I'm trying to be positive, I wanted to show you few cute things I have around the house. These little items and collections make me happy, and keep me SANE. And that is what I need most right now...Sanity. Enjoy!

My jewelry collection (even though I don't wear half of it) - all neatly organized:

These cute, antique, metal cars:

This cute clock on a newly painted battleship grey wall:

A vintage pyrex collection - found only at thrift stores:

This cute little magnet by Ipop:

These cute little vases (one was a gift from my friend, Slug.)

Big, red, Asian chest of drawers - YUMMY:

"Eat at the Nook" (My man got a screamin' deal on this vintage sign from a small town in CO)

This sweet little piggy bank that was made in Japan in the year I was born. She's as sweet as shortcake!

My man:

Jimmy told me a story, today.

It was about a farmer...

...and an invisible wolf with red eyes...

...the wolf ate the farmer...

...and the wolf is still out there in our state...


Happy Wednesday, people.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mimi's Monday Delights: 2 words...

Fern and Sprout's Spring collection will be all about these two wonderful inspirations:


and LACE...

Both are so yummy, and when paired together, they are magnificent!!! Be on the lookout for some new spring sass from F and S!! Happy Monday, my friends!

all photos courtesy of


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