Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hit The Ground Running...

Hope you had a fabulously frightful Halloween. I know the monkeys and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Aren't they scary?

So frightening...

...yet so freakin' cute!! The snow melted enough for us to navigate thru our trick-or-treating route. It's hard to believe we were stuck in the middle of a "winter wonderland" only two days ago.

While I was couped up in the house, I had time to give myself a pedicure.

I thought black w/ green polka-dots might be perfect for Halloween. The snow also gave me a chance to catch up on much-needed housework. Today it was so warm, I had to run the a/c in the car! That's the wonderful thing about the weather in Colorado. It's always changing. There is still a little snow around...just enough for snowball fights.

We went to see "This Is It" on Friday night. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, it is a MUST-SEE. If you are not a fan, it will inspire you to appreciate his enormous talent.

I cried through the majority of the movie, mostly because it took me back to that special place in junior high where I feel like his talent really shaped me, creatively. Even though his face changed a lot...he never really changed as a performer. Even at 50 years old, he moved like no one else can. He was by far THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER EVER.

And so it is November. This is going to be a very busy month for me. I have a birthday. So does Evan. Fern and Sprout will be featured in a fashion show, (My first one!!!)

as well as two other shows.

I better get crackin!!!!

Stay tuned for new designs from Fern and Sprout this week!! I am so excited to show you! Happy November!

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