Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's right around the corner...

It's almost Christmas time again!!! Tra la! Tra la! My FAVORITE time of year. Yesterday, we went to the holiday open house for one of my favorite stores, the Pink Attic Cat in olde town Littleton. It seems so early for Christmas, but it is TIME!!! And it certainly got me in the mood...check out her BEAUTIFUL shop. She blows me away

I have pink twinkle lights in my studio. Makes me happy. They will be there year-round but I sure am excited to incorporate them into some cute Christmas decorating in my studio, this season! I took a break from work to have some fun with them and my camera. Whee!!

My neighbor, Carolyn gave me some parrot feathers to work with, from her parrot - Winston. I made her a clippie out of Winston feathers! Isn't she adorable?

We are moving soon...and I am REALLY going to miss her. She is such an amazing woman.

I have a VERY LONG to-do list for this week.

1. Send out birthday invites for my soon-to-be 8 year-old!
2. Take pieces to Cali and Mo
3. New stock for Gifts for Yule (Next Sat and Sun!!! See ad to the side!)
4. Shoot photos of shoeclips for Decade-Gifts website
5. Scan polaroids to share with you!
6. Volunteer in both classrooms
8. The other fifteen things I am forgetting about...

Have a peaceful and delightful Sunday!

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