Monday, November 2, 2009

Mimi's Monday Delights

Here's a little somethin' that's circling around in the world o' blogs. I thought it might be fun...I got this list from The English Muse

1. Where is your cell phone: Within reach at all times.
2. Your hair: black. box-dyed. (Severely in need of a new dye-job.) super curly and growing super long.

usually up and sporting a Fern and Sprout Feltie Delight.
3. Your favorite food: Peanut butter, sushi, and Indian food (Tiki Misala. Yummmee.)
4. Your dream from last night: I...caaaaahhhhhhhhn't remembah
5. Your favorite drink: Venti nonfat, light whip pumpkin spice latte or the first sip of a nice, large, dreamy red wine.
6. Your dream/goal:

To raise my boys to be GOOD men.
7. What room are you in: the living room, on my pink couch that will be leaving me soon.
8. What are your hobbies: blogging, thrifting, taking polaroids, collecting vintage treasures (hats, jewelry, cameras, pyrex, vinyl, fabric, etc.)

9. What is your fear: That I will mess up my kids
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Happy and Healthy and on a beach somewhere.
11. Where were you last night:

Home, on the Internet.
12. Something you are not: shy
13. Muffins: Yes, I'll have one...or twelve.
14. Wish list items: Several coffee table books, a mac, a holga, a mini-cooper (the extended version,) something by Chanel, the "This Is It" DVD, and so much more...
15. Where did you grow up: Littleton, CO
16. Last thing you did: Prayed with my kids before bedtime as I was scratching their backs...:)
17. What are you wearing: "cutting edge fashion"...l/s white tee from Target, Green tank with blue stitching from Target, Green lounge pants from Decade, brown/green/blue argyle socks from Target, and my bootie slippers from Decade. Guess you can tell where I shop.
18. Your TV: is for the Wii only. I dont have cable or the new digital box so we don't watch tv.
19. Your pets: Senor Rodrigo - my very large, very pudgy, very sweet kittycat

20. Your friends: all of them creative, funny and interesting.
21. Your favorite store: Decade,
Pink Attic Cat,

Target, Cali and Mo, Nordstrom,

thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie (but only for inspiration.)
22. Your favorite color:

Pink and green - can't decide right now.

Kinda fun! Feel free to copy this and let me know some of your favorites!

Coming Feltie Delights from Fern and Sprout!!! Oh so delightful...

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