Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brand spankin' new...

Rings from Fern and Sprout!! Like the one my sweet friend, Anne is wearing...along with a hairclip from F and S and a scarf from her own line of goodies.

I am in kind of a giddy mood this evening. It's amazing that I'm awake at all, considering I haven't been to bed before midnight every night, this week. Then I get up at about 6:30 every day - not enough sleep for me. I also got a little sun at the market. Oh, so exhausted!

I HAD to stay up to make enough of my newest designs. I rolled out the red carpet for these little delights at Sweet William Market, today. They were going like HOTCAKES!! I love that expression. :)

I shared a booth with my friend, Anne. You can see her work here.

We had a great time this morning!

I also featured another new design - the fancy corsage.

So many sweet friends stopped by to see me today! And I made LOTS of new friends, too!

Thank you all for coming! Time for night night! Happy Holiday Weekend to you all!

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