Monday, May 24, 2010

More goodies to share

AAHHHHH...Manitou Springs, how I miss thee. So relaxing and soooooooo INSPIRING. We miss you, Safron!!

Here's some more eye candy for you. This time, it is Safron's home.

The bathroom is my fav.

And this is the garden...

We ate breakfast at the Couquette Creperie.


Then we shopped til we dropped, LITERALLY.
This store is called "Whatever." I think they should call it "Jackpot," because that's what we hit. I'll show you my jackpot later.

This was a cute store carrying tons of Day of the Dead stuff, and the owner made the cutest little glittery matchboxes. I'll show you those later.

We took in some yummy Mexican food at the Looop. And some margeritas...


This was the last shop we hit on our excursion. If I thought we hit the jackpot before, we REALLY hit it with this shop. Vintage cowboy boots GALORE!!! Vintage pottery, artwork, jewelry, furniture...and it was all 20 % off. We really scored.

Here's our loot from the weekend. Let's say we spent less than you think we did. MUCH LESS.

And so...that's our trip in a nutshell. Good times. Manitou is up there for me. Very, very inspiring. I miss it, already. Thank you for such a beautiful weekend, Safron!!

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