Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunny Sunday

I ate way too much this weekend. (I probably drank a little too much, as well.) A good friend of mine had a birthday, and we went to see her show, "Leading Ladies," at the Vintage Theater. It was so funny and so well done, I would put it in my top five shows I've ever seen! Brava, Miss Mae!!!

Another good friend came in to town from New Jersey to surprise Miss Mae. I can't wait to hang out like old times, Liser!!

Boy, did we have fun!!

The new tulle cluster fancy headband from Fern and Sprout...(Penelope wears it so well!)

So classy...

Tulle and peacock "FASCINATOR"

Pink satin hat flower:

Here's a piece I made for prom. I can't wait to see how she looked in it!

In preparation for spring, I added a few pieces to my studio to brighten it up a bit. Whadayathink?
...a vintage spool holder I got from "Pink Attic Cat." old soda bin that I got for Mother's Day. I hung it on the wall as a shadow box.

...a vintage pink flamingo named "Kitty." and a cute little flower pot for them. A nice way to say "WELCOME!"

...a new ice cream table and chairs, so I can work or eat lunch outside. Makes me sooooooooo happy!!

I am bracing myself for an "all work and no play" week. Hopefully, it won't make me too dull. :) I have TWO trunk shows coming up this weekend! I will let you know where and when, in my next post. Have a delightful week!!

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