Monday, December 12, 2011


Fern and Sprout participated in the last show of the season over the weekend - 
The Firefly Handmade Holiday Market!
It was held at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

We had such a great turnout!
There were sooooooo many talented vendors!
(I spent waaaaay to much $$)

These are the lovely organizers: Kristin of Studio 22, Alison of Bird Dog Press, and Holland of Haute Nature.  Aren't they cute!!??!!

Here's a few shots o' the booth...

And, once again, I was next to my Mister Christmas...

We had such a FANTASTIC time at the show!
Thank you, Firefly Handmade and BMOCA for hosting such a magnificent event!!!
I was so proud to be a vendor there!

After Saturday, we went to the Tea House in Boulder
with our friends from the show.  What a BEEEEEEEAUUUUTIFUL restaurant!

What a blast we had at dinner with Jil Cappuccio and Kirsten of Pearl Clothing and their s.o.'s!
We laughed until our tummies HURT!!

I am sooooooooooooo glad to be finished with holiday shows.
We both are.
More time for these guys...

(Aren't they adorable in their dapper duds for the winter program at school???)

I am so grateful for the splendid holiday season I've had so far!

Thank you to EVERYONE involved in all of the holiday shows - your hard work has made my holidays brighter!

To all of my fellow vendor peeps from craft land - you are all so talented and WONDERFUL! Thank you for making the shows soooooooooooooo much fun!  I am so inspired by all of you!

And, to all of my DELIGHTFUL customers - Thank you for the LOVE and SUPPORT!
I love getting to know EACH and EVERY ONE of you!!!!

 I hope you all have a DAZZLING and WONDROUS holiday season!!
(Excited for a season of RELAXING!!!)

What's in store for today?  A little online Christmas shopping, a little grocery shopping, and a whole lotta relaxing!

Tune in tomorrow for a peek at our FESTIVE Christmas tree.
And a happy Monday to you.

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