Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things to do over winter break...

I must say, I'm really excited to see more of these faces over the next two weeks...

And the monkeys are soooooooooooo excited to be out of school!

We made a "TO-DO" list for the next two weeks.  Here are just a few things off the list:

Make a snowman.
Baking day.
Look at Christmas lights.
Make a gingerbread house.
Make a fort.
Play dates and Sleepovers.
Movie marathon day.
Ice skating.
Roller skating.
Read. Read. Read.

Those are just a few - and we've already done a couple of them.  We are checking them off as we go.
We looked at Christmas lights on Friday AND Saturday nights.

Friday was our dear friend, Jef's birthday.  We started the evening with drinks and apps at LINGER,
and headed to the Denver Botanic Gardens to take in their beautiful lights.
(Hilarious picture.)

Good friends and great fun.  What a fantastic evening we had.
Happy birthday, JEF!!

On Saturday, we got hot chocolate and headed out for a look at some of our favorite holiday light displays from years past...

We started at the Kloewer's...

(Sadly, after 29 years of their holiday display, this is the Kloewer's last year.)
The monkeys will miss it.

These lights are only a block and a half from our house.
So pretty.

For some of you, this might be Christmas overload...
so I will wait until tomorrow to share pictures of our baking day with you.
Hope you are having a maaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous week!

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