Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Here's a little peek at our holiday festivities,
including Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day...
I hope your Christmas was MERRY and BRIGHT.

Stay tuned for a look back at my year...

photo credit 
2012 is almost upon us and MY, MY, MY - I am ready for that!!!
What are your New Year's Eve plans?

Do share!


  1. Hey Mandy! Remember me?!

    I'm working on getting a couple pics of my niece in her Fern and Sprout pieces to pass along to you!

    I was wondering if you would be open to getting together on Monday (that's the 2nd)! If you have some time tomorrow or Sat that's great too.

    I would love to sit down with you and hear about your creative journey - and maybe ask a couple Interview type questions?

    Let me know if you're down for that and we'll chat more :) Also, I apologize for resorting to your blog to contact you - but didn't think you'd recognize my email :) and didn't find you as an individual on FB.

    Look forward to hearing from you dear! So loved reading your Christmas post and those boys are GORGEOUS! I mean handsome :)

    Best New Years!


  2. For some reason it didn't post a picture - sorry about that :) We met at the Sugar Plum market



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