Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goings on at 717

This is what mornings look like in our house...Battles...
and Playing...
There is also lots of coffee drinking. :)
Here's a shot of my BFF's new hairdo. Quite precious. Very French. Me likey.
Let me tell you about "Cali & Mo."
Three shops, two women - Vicki & Allison, and several new and vintage odds and ends to make any girl feel blissfully lovely.
I am so proud to have my pieces featured in their cute shops.

This is one of the owners - Vicki. Check out that amazing necklace she is wearing.

All of their items are precious but here are a few of my favorite things...
Look at that amazing peacock pillow. And I love that hat.
They also have some very special hat boxes

A yummy book collection

An antique wedding dress
Beautiful baubles
This ceramic doll. I MUST HAVE HER.
There are three stores - Cherry Creek Mall, Park Meadows, and Denver Pavillions - and they all carry AMAZING, UNIQUE, LOVELY, and DELIGHTFUL things from around the world. I just love those girls!
Have a delightful day!

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