Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exhausted but grateful!

It's Wacky Wednesday, again! Forgot to wear my bright pink neon wacky lipstick. But I had a great day! I sealed some deals and had lunch with my sweet friend, Anne. She also has a handmade business making baby blankets, burpies, and kids' aprons. You can find them here.
I stayed up late (REALLY LATE,) working on pieces for three more local stores!!!
I am so excited to be featured in these shops!
Here are some pics of Talulah Jones. My friend, Robin owns the store. She has the most amazing selection of precious little odds and ends like ribbon, tiny flowers, and mushrooms - lots of mushrooms. So cute! I could wander around in there for hours.

...quite the selection of clippies :)

the most WONDERFUL kids' section!

And here's Robin sporting a Fern and Sprout "FELTY DELIGHT!"

After our visit to T. Jones, Anne and I walked up 17th to D Bar for some lunch.


We ordered the pizza pesto salad sandwich. It was so tasty!

And for dessert, the "shake and cake." Dee - lish!
Then we made a quick trip to the Fabric Lab. I wanted to see the featured accessory wall. It looks AWESOME!!! Thanks, Tran!
I think my "Fancy Delights" look great next to those necklaces. LOOOOOOVE the picture frame decals!They also featured my clippies on a different wall. Fern and Sprout everywhere!Here are some more pics of the shop. I am so excited to be featured in the ONLY shop in Denver that carries ONLY local handmade artists.
It feels GOOD to be so busy. I am so grateful to be doing what I love. Even though I am exhausted today, it is a GOOD tired, because I know I have been working on my passion. I can't imagine sitting behind a desk all day.

Thanks for a FUN day, Anne!!

Tune in to my Etsy shop, tonight around 10:30! I will have an update with my new "Felty Delights!"

Hope you are having a delightful week!

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