Monday, August 17, 2009

Mimi's Monday Delights

It's Monday...and that means Mimi's Monday Delights!!! Here are some pics that make me just plain HAPPY, and here are the reasons why...

1. Best dress EVER, best show EVER...
photo found here
2. Who wouldn't love a giant mushroom amusement park ride?

source unknown

3. A vintage style bathing cap on a bonnie wee lass on a pretty little loveseat...adorable. Gives me some inspiration.

4. These handmade pieces would be PERFECT for my clippies...or for a new collection...hmmm.

find them here

5. This is the perfect reminder.

source unknown

6. I love all these wedding shots but my favorite is the floral arrangement at the bottom - so precious.

found here

7. I could sit and stare at this shadowbox for hours. tweet tweet.

found here

8. Hey! Someone made party garland from my clippies! Makes me feel festive!

9. Speaking of sweet.

found here

10. Don't know what this is...but I'm in love. Heehee.
from sfgirlbybay

On another note...the boys return to school in just 2 days!!!!! It's bittersweet, because I can get back to a routine and get LOTS more done. But, I also feel like I haven't done enough with them this summer.
I am soooooo ready to get going with my new designs!!! I can't wait to show you my new collection of "Felty Delights!" Coming soon! I am also making more jewelry - some fern and sprout necklaces are on the horizon! Aaaaaah...when I have more time, I am certain I will feel like I've won the lottery. :)
And to all a good Monday!

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