Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let's get fancy!

Hello, one and all! I am tickled pink to present fern and sprouts new collection of "FANCY DELIGHTS!" You don't have to be "fancy" to enjoy these precious little treasures.
Pair them with a t-shirt.
Wear them as you recline by the swimming pool.
Add some soft, stunning, satinous sparkle to your every-day hairdo!
Any girl would feel beautiful as she runs her daily errands in fern and sprout "FANCIES!"
Feast your eyes...
Here are some other delights I've been working on:Here's a little FYI...don't tell anyone...
I took all these shots of myself in my bathroom.
I actually had quite a bit of fun.
A local boutique, "Cali & Mo," is carrying my "FANCY DELIGHTS" and I should have some of my "fancies posted on Etsy, SOON!!!
I am in love with each piece. PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEASE let me know what you think!

On a different note, my BFF is in town with her man. I am so excited to see them! We are having a shindig at Carrie's new chalet tomorrow eve! I will be posting pics of the festivities!

Stay tuned for the following from my next post...

  1. BFF pics
  2. Things I'd like to start collecting
  3. A fern and sprout giveaway - every one's doing it. shouldn't I?
  4. More EVERYDAY inspiration!

Have a peaceful and precious Sunday!

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