Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kiss it goodbye...

Yep...kiss summer goodbye. Say "au revoir" to flip flops (even though I will keep wearing them til it snows.) Time to put away my summer hats and bring out the fall/winter hat collection. Get out your colorful tights and your wool jackets because fall is here! The weather was downright cold over the weekend! I love the crisp chill of fall in the air. This is my favorite time of year. AND it's time for fall FASHION!!! So exciting.

Speaking of exciting...I have a studio!!! My friend Traci, founder of "Squeaky Chic" has offered me studio space in her spare room. I am tickled pink!! We will be sharing the creative space, which is FANTASTIC because we can feed off eachother's inspiration! Today, she gave me a key so I will start moving my odds and ends TOMORROW!!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of my new creative space and...

"FELTY DELIGHT" JEWELRY!!! Tune in, tomorrow!

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