Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mimi's Monday Delights...and more


I moved a TON of stuff, today. (My back hurts. Think I might have couple glasses of wine, tonight. :) I will take more pics when I'm all moved in. I have to say a big "THANK YOU" to my friend, Traci. I'm so excited to be in her CREATIVE SPACE!!!

I love that I can take a breath of fresh air on the terrace, if I need it. It's just right outside the studio!

And now...introducing...New JEWELRY from Fern and Sprout's "Felty Delight" collection...

They are available in all shapes and colors. Some have danglies and some don't...

They are also available as chokers.

The ribbons are long enough to make each piece adustable. I hope you think they are as YUMMY as I do. I welcome any feedback you have for me - GOOD OR BAD.

So...even though today is Tuesday, and I am a day late, as usual...I will leave you with another edition of "Mimi's Monday Delights." With the amount of orders I have been working on, (I can't keep up...and that's a good thing!), and with the set-up of my new studio space, I feel as though I'm lacking TIME. Who am I kidding? I am ALWAYS lacking time. If I had more of it, I would spend more time doing the following...

1. reading
2. thrifting
3. scrapbooking
4. tickling my monkeys
5. yoga
6. singing
7. catching up with old friends
8. cooking and baking
9. volunteering
10.RELAXING!!!! (Something I never do.)

I would love to know what you would do if you had more time!!!! Please - leave me a comment.

Last but not least, my designs will be featured in a fall trunk show, this Saturday, on South Pearl Street. I will post the details tomorrow. Have a delightful week, everyone. Stay classy. :)

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