Monday, January 3, 2011

What's in store?

There are lots of New Year's resolutions in the air.
I prefer not to make resolutions.  I prefer to call them "hopes."
I like to make goals, and set out to acheive them. 

Here are some of my hopes for 2011...

1. Focus on my monkeys - their education and happiness
2. Schedule my time (this can be soooooooo challenging.)
3. Rejuvenate my Etsy shop and knock your socks off with my new spring designs.
4. Spruce up this bliggety-blog - this means I have to become more tech-savvy.
5. Make more time for exercising and relaxing.
6.  Read more!  Read more!  Read more!
7. Redesign my studio - soooooo excited about this one.
8. Find a way to give back, and teach my monkeys to do the same.
9. Expand Fern and Sprout - not sure how, but I am ready.
10. Take a vacation with my love, my friends, and my kids, (maybe not all at the same time.)
11. Find a new place to live.
12. Learn to crochet.

There you have it.

If I don't live up to some of these hopes, 
I won't be too hard on myself.   
However, I fully intend to get it together, and ROCK THAT LIST!
  This blog, and all of you will hold me accountable...right?

Let's do this.

1 comment:

  1. That's quite the list! I made a list for this year, too, but it wasn't nearly as comprehensive as yours. I look forward to reading your blog posts--subscribing!



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