Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vintage Hat Alert!

Look what I got today! I took some clothes to "Buffalo Exchange" and traded for this vintage sequin hat! Score! I will wear this ALL the time for Fall! I put one of my "Feathery Delights" with it and made it Oh So Delightful! Check out the label on the inside. Sooooooo cute!
ETSY is updated! There are several "Felty Delights" to choose from in various shapes and colors! Check it out later tonight to see my new clippies from the "Felty Delight" collection. Lots of work today! Hope all is well with you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exhausted but grateful!

It's Wacky Wednesday, again! Forgot to wear my bright pink neon wacky lipstick. But I had a great day! I sealed some deals and had lunch with my sweet friend, Anne. She also has a handmade business making baby blankets, burpies, and kids' aprons. You can find them here.
I stayed up late (REALLY LATE,) working on pieces for three more local stores!!!
I am so excited to be featured in these shops!
Here are some pics of Talulah Jones. My friend, Robin owns the store. She has the most amazing selection of precious little odds and ends like ribbon, tiny flowers, and mushrooms - lots of mushrooms. So cute! I could wander around in there for hours.

...quite the selection of clippies :)

the most WONDERFUL kids' section!

And here's Robin sporting a Fern and Sprout "FELTY DELIGHT!"

After our visit to T. Jones, Anne and I walked up 17th to D Bar for some lunch.


We ordered the pizza pesto salad sandwich. It was so tasty!

And for dessert, the "shake and cake." Dee - lish!
Then we made a quick trip to the Fabric Lab. I wanted to see the featured accessory wall. It looks AWESOME!!! Thanks, Tran!
I think my "Fancy Delights" look great next to those necklaces. LOOOOOOVE the picture frame decals!They also featured my clippies on a different wall. Fern and Sprout everywhere!Here are some more pics of the shop. I am so excited to be featured in the ONLY shop in Denver that carries ONLY local handmade artists.
It feels GOOD to be so busy. I am so grateful to be doing what I love. Even though I am exhausted today, it is a GOOD tired, because I know I have been working on my passion. I can't imagine sitting behind a desk all day.

Thanks for a FUN day, Anne!!

Tune in to my Etsy shop, tonight around 10:30! I will have an update with my new "Felty Delights!"

Hope you are having a delightful week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Yesterday, my friend Carrie, gave me this bright pink lipstick by MAC. And when I say bright - I mean NEON BRIGHT!! It's called "Pink Nouveau," and it's not a color I would wear on a regular basis, but I decided to get a little wacky today. I like to live on the edge sometimes. I put on my favorite vintage hat and flocked my lips in NEON PINK!! I sure do feel giddy! I think every Wednesday should be "WACKY WEDNESDAY!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye Summer! Hello School!

The boys started school today.
Jimmy started Kindergarten.
Doesn't he look like a pro? I can't tell you how excited he was!
(I can't tell you how excited I was. :)

Evan started 2nd grade. What a big dude.

Yesterday, I got a cooking lesson from my new friend, Natalie. We made dumplings! What fun! She just lives two blocks away, and my boys love hangin' with her daughter. Natalie sings and she also has a cooking blog. Check it out!
This is Natalie, choppin' carrots.

We chopped carrots, and cabbage, and ginger.
Then we added some chopped tofu.
We added an egg to the mixture to "glue" everything together.

Then we spooned everything into the dumpling paper, and folded the paper squares into triangles. We sealed the edges with egg/water mixture.

We lightly floured the dumplings and laid them on a baking sheet.

About 6 or 7 at a time, we dropped them into the steamer.
Only 6 - 7 minutes til YUMMY!!!!!!!!

They didn't last long! And they were soooooooo easy!
Can't wait for more cooking lessons from my new friend! Thanks, Natalie!
Her and her family just moved here about a month ago, so I can't wait to show them around Denver.

Drumroll please...
Here is a preview of my new collection of "Felty Delights" for fall! These are just a few of the pieces I've been working on. PLEASE let me know what you think!!!
I am REALLY excited about these new fuzzy pieces! They will be on my Etsy shop, soon!

Speaking of Etsy, I have been NEGLECTING MY ETSY SHOP! I haven't updated or added any pieces since I opened the shop. I apologize. It should be up and running by next Wednesday. I promise!!!!!

Please - try the dumplings! So easy and so fun!
Thanks again, Natalie!
More soon!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chomping at the BIT!!!

Here's a little end-of-the-summer fun. We went to the Western Welcome Parade in old town Littleton. As a tradition, I've been going to this parade with my mom since I was in elementary school. It was always a sign that school was about to start. I haven't gone for the last couple years. I forgot how much fun it was!
Evan lost his balloon, but not to worry...he got another one, straight away.

Jimmy lost his, eventually. He got another one, too. Before the parade, we enjoyed sour gummy worms...

and gummy brains from the new candy store.
Some old planes flew overhead to signal the start of the parade.It started to sprinkle, but we just snuggled under the blanket, and kept enjoying ourselves...

The boys and I loooooooooooooooooove old cars and trucks, and we saw plenty!!! So cool!

I am so glad I went this year.
My friend, Traci, just started a clean/design/organizing business called "Squeaky Chic." (See ad to side.) She is going to ROCK IT!! On Sunday, we went to her house to take pics for the website. She made koolaid for the boys and had the most precious little cupcakes for them. Here are some of the shots I took. Her place is so CUTE!!!

Here's some shots of her dressing room...delightful...

I envy her collection of converse

Some new acquisitions...
a mannequin head for my headbands. Her name is Thelma!
...a metal library bookshelf...found it for next to nothing. I've wanted one for so long. Me looooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So - I really am chomping at the bit for school to start. I have soooooooooooooooo much to do this week, and I need time to DO IT!!! The boys are excited and so am I! Stay tuned for my new "Felty Delights."


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