Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet Annabelle Apple!

Isn't she beautiful?!?  
I got a screamin' deal and now she's mine!  
I got her today at the Modernism Show.  Let me tell you how long I have been looking for the PERFECT bike.  All summer long - and then some!  I didn't want a brand new cruiser, and a "fixie" was a little out of my league - so when I saw her...I just knew.  I mean - she's GREEN!!!
(and sparkly, too.) 
A huge selling point was that she already had a basket.  Yay!  Now all she needs is a bell, (and maybe some adornments from Fern and Sprout.)

What a weekend!  Yesterday, I spent most of the day taking some pics for the Sweet William Market.  

Today, we had quite a bit of fun at the Denver Modernism Show. And if that wasn't enough fun, we went swimming this afternoon!
Tune in tomorrow for Mimi's Monday Delights where all show you snapshots of all the fun we had this weekend!

Can't wait to ride my lovely little bike tomorrow! :)

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE your new bike...and green is my fav color! how did the sweet william fair go? :)



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