Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mimi's Monday Delights... on Tuesday

I think I will change the  name of this post from "Mimi's Monday Delights" to "Mimi's Monday Delights on Tuesday."  Very fitting, don't you agree?

The Denver Gift Show at the Merchandise Mart was a HUGE success!!  Fern and Sprout can now be found in SEVEN new stores!!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!  See the sidebar for the new additions!  

I wouldn't have any of this bizzzzzzzzzz, if it wasn't for my good friend, 
That's her in the background. :-)  I had to sneak a photo because she hates posing for pics.
I am sooooooo grateful!  Thank you so much for having me in your showroom!

Here's some shots of my set-up at the show... 

I got to work in the showroom with the lovely, Lyndsey!

She looks so fantastic in F and S!

I had a great time and met so many AMAZING people and I am EXHAUSTED!!

Today, I had some much-needed downtime.  Check out the new wool-felt colors I picked up at Fancy Tiger.  Yummy!
Now, for some delights...

Since they were ordering shoeclips left and right, at the show, I got excited about seeing some lovely shoes to put them on.  Try to picture some F and S shoeclips on these bad boys...

these images courtesy of "we heart it"

AND to top it all off...I have another rainbow for you!
Have a colorful evening!

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  1. hey girl...so glad to hear that the mart was a huge success...YAY! loved the photos for your booth it looked very lovely.

    lani :)



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