Monday, January 11, 2010

A new pup...

This is our new PUGGLE
He doesn't have a name, yet. For now, he is the doggie formerly known as "Champ," which is, in my opinion, a cop-out name for a doggie. He is so sweet!!! A puggle is a mix of two of my favorite breads: pug and beagle. I was lucky enough to find him on Craig's list, and when I met him it was love at first sight. (This is usually how it works with ANY animal.)
We had quite the day. My friend, Natalie drove me to pick him up and then we went back to her house to introduce him to Louie, her beagle. They had a blast playing in the snow in the backyard.

Then I headed to the studio to try to accomplish something - then headed home for a playdate in the snow with Maggie. SO MUCH FUN!!

After I picked the boys up from school, we headed to the park for swings and dog-walking.

Aside from a couple accidents, it's been a great day.

I am leaning toward the name, "Francisco" from the movie Elf, and also my favorite place in the world. What do you think?

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  1. and i was SO excited to meet the little guy today. OH WAIT, both of you humans too - tee, hee. let's get together soon mandy. it was so great to meet a new BFF - shhhh, don't tell amy. hugs, rachel



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