Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exciting News!!

EXCITING NEWS!!! "Violet" is now carrying designs by Fern and Sprout!!! If you haven't been to this shop on Larimer Square, you MUST go!!! This boutique has the look and feel of a VERY high-end shop - but the prices are so AFFORDABLE. The owner has remarkable taste, and all the clothing and accessories in the shop are displayed so beautifully. I tend to leave my self-control at the door when I walk into this shop. What a perfect place for Fern and Sprout! I am so excited to be in this shop. Here are some snapshots of "Violet." If you haven't been - you must check it out!

Most of the week, I hung out in the studio with the pup...who's official name is...


And let me tell you - Napoleon is DYNAMITE!!

We named him that because he is small, and gets beat up by Maggie all the time, but he still thinks he's tough and keeps coming back for more.

He is the sweetest, snuggliest ball of fur I have ever known, besides my cat, of course. He already has some nicknames: Wooks, Nippie, Little Man, Rollie Pollie, etc.

He's nuts.

Friday, I took a break from my studio to hang with my friends, Anne, Kris, and Natalie at my friend Tracy's restaurant, Hutch and Spoon (one of Denver's best new restaurants, according to 5280 magazine.) It was yummy, as usual. After breakfast, Natalie and I shopped around at Decade for a while, then took a brief trip to the Arc. I find that when I go thrifting, I really have to be "feelin' it" for it to be successful. I wasn't "feelin' it."

So we headed next door to "Trunk Full of Treasures" for a little dose of Vintage Heaven. In the basement, there is a vintage boutique with dresses and shoes and gloves and bags, but the best part is the hats, hats, and more hats.

We had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaay to much fun trying them on...check it out.

Yesterday was my dear friend, Mark's birthday.

We had so much fun eating at "Second Home" in Cherry Creek and drinking at "Mozart's Lounge" and after that we had a dance party until THREE in the morning!!!! Soooooooooooo much fun!!! I love these people!!!!

Happy birthday, Mark!!

One more thing - the most important thing: I am making these heart rosette hairclips for Valentine's Day.

I will be selling them to local stores that carry Fern and Sprout (Decade, Cali and Mo, Pome, Talulah Jones, and Five Green Boxes,) and posting them on Etsy. Any profits from the Valentine hairclips will go to the relief fund for Haiti. Please tell your friends, family, coworkers, whoever you can think of!!!

Look for an Etsy update, this week!! Right now, I have nothing in my shop. :( Stay tuned for Mimi's Monday Delights!

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  1. i ♥ hats! these are great photos. and HUGE congrats on getting into that shop. i'm SO happy for you sweet girl. and i ♥ napoleon too. what a cute boy he is. very lucky i got to meet him.



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