Saturday, July 10, 2010

Etsy Shop is Up!!

Guess what I did today!

I helped my man dj for a birthday party, today. So much fun!

Yesterday was a yukky day, so last night we went out with some good friends, and it toooooooooooootally cheered me up.
We "hopped" around to some local haunts with our friends, Natalie and Kevin.

We had burgers at "City Grille," then drinks at "The Meadowlark,"

then headed to the "Oriental Theater" where we met up with more friends - Mark and George, and watched another friend - Darci's band, "The Blackouts."

Being around good friends always makes me happy. Thank you for all the fun last night, my people.

The Etsy shop is up and running! I will be adding pieces daily, for the next few weeks. Drop by whenever you'd like! Let me know what you think! Thanks for all your patience, support, advice, and inspiration! You know who you are!

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