Tuesday, July 13, 2010

There's a monster in my living room.

Say hello to my new piece of furniture!

This piece was built by my Grandattie. It's been at my Aunt and Uncle's house for the last several years, and I have always loved it. Since they will be moving soon, it has found it's way to my house. I couldn't be more tickled. This piece is ginormous but so amazing. I'm so excited to have this piece in my living room.

I also got his Army hat from WWII. It says his name inside. So special.

We are hangin' out the house, trying to beat the heat. There are stormtroopers, legos, and chewbones EVERYWHERE!

The boys helped me make some "Icy Pops." Yummy.

This is a busy work week for me. I am updating my Etsy shop again, tonight...

And I have The French Nest Market in Fort Collins, this weekend. I am so excited to do the market for the first time! Please come see me, if you're in the neighborhood!

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